Broadening access to high-resolution
cryo-electron microscopy and tomography

National Center for In-situ Tomographic Ultramicroscopy (NCITU)

Resources and Equipment

Name for Equipment Description
Krios G3i 300-kV Cryo-TEM for imaging and data collection
Glacios Cryo-TEM 200-kV cryo-TEM instrument
Zeiss LSM 900/Linkam Cryo stage Cryo-CLEM confocal microscope
Microtome Microtome for plastic thin sections
Bal-TEC HPM 010 High pressure freezing system
Wohlwend HPF Compact High pressure freezing system
Leica GP2 Plunge freezing system
Vitrobot mk4 Plunge freezing system
Cryoplunge 3 Cryo-grid plunging and freezing system
Chameleon system Commercial prototype of the Spotiton robot which provides a novel method for vitrifying samples for cryoEM
Helios Nanolab 650 Serial blockface SEM
Aquilos 2 cryo-FIB-SEM Cryo-FIB-SEM instrument with Cryo lamella liftout
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