The website for has gone through a larger style overhaul and updates to the application system. We hope the new website is easier to navigate and find resources and information.

The application system was also updated to have dedicated project proposals for Single Workflow Training, Single Instrument Access, Multiple Instrument Workflows, and Combined Access and Training applications.

If your project is training focused, we would recommend you choose the Single Workflow Training application.

If you are applying for time focused on a particular instrument and are a trained user, or want a service for your project involving a particular instrument - choose the Single Instrument Access.

Multiple Instrument Workflows are application projects for trained users and for service involving multiple instruments. An example could be for correlative light and electron microscopy, where a Cryo-confocal microscope may be needed to collect fluorescent images and overlay with data collected on a cryo-TEM instrument.

Larger and longer running project proposals can apply with the Combined Access and Training (last option).